Design, UX/UI Design

Pagantis Card

As a product designer, I was in charge of the ideation and design of a mobile app for the new Pagantis financial product: a virtual credit card who allowed the users to finance their online purchases.



Business needs:

To promote the product among a list of preselected prime users from our database.

To enhance the activation and usage of the credit card.

To supervise card operations and the payment of the loans.


User needs

to finance their purchases easily, anytime and everywhere.

to understand the conditions and interest of the credit card

to manage their payments and loans


Problems to solve

Helping the users to understand the value and conditions of the card to enhance the activation of the card.

To present a new way of finance their purchases and manage their loans.

To maintain consistency between the structure of the new app and the structure of the customer back office web area.

An incoming rebranding would be used in the app and would mean a change of the whole design system in the future.

In order to achieve these goals, It was necessary to do UX research to test the user comprehension of the copys during the card application process, to review the data obtained of the card usage and to build a consistent structure and new design system to be applied in the native app UI at first, but with a look at the future of the customer back office and the new brand.



To Build an efficient email and sms marketing strategy and an engaging landing page in order to enhance the product acquisition. Keeping track of the results obtained by observing our customer interactions helped us to improve to promote the new product more clearly.  Using surveys and user journeys helped us to know better our user needs during the whole acquisition process.

Develop a smooth application process by improving the usability trough a few simple steps.

An easy to understand and consistent navigation who helps the users to perform their main tasks (keeping an eye to their user journey).

Listen to our customer needs and give support with the help of FAQ and customer support workarounds.

Use the UI to notify the users of the new features, the usage of the card and their payments or refunds.


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