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Mr. Kumka: a price comparer for car insurance

During a 4 months experience in Thailand, I was in charge of the ideation and design of an online price comparer for car insurance.

I also prepared the UI and FRONT END part of both the quotation form using CSS animations, and the public webpage.



To build a responsive website to compare car insurance prices and deals.

The user has to fill a form with his/her data in order to receive an accurate estimation of the prices.


User needs

To get an accurate quote fast, compare prices and ask for more information or contract a car insurance easily.


Problems to solve

The company wanted to provide the users a solution based on collecting more information and give them a more accurate estimation.

It was necessary to smooth the quotation process by reducing the time of completion with the help of the UX/UI.



Develop a smooth quotation process by improving the usability trough a few simple steps.

Use animation and visuals in the UI to speed up the completion of the form and to make it more intuitive.